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O.k. so I’m using an ovulation test kit this month! This is just another way of predicting ovulation, other than checking cervical mucus.  With this, I get to pee on sticks, and who doesn’t love doing that? :-)

This will tell me precisely when my LH surge is.  LH is the hormone that surges right before ovulation.  So, the kit says that once I get a positive test result, I should ovulate 24-72 hours later.  What that means is that it’s “Go Time” for me and my husband for the 24-72 hours after the positive result because that is when I’ll be most fertile and when we have the best chance of conceiving (read: egg meets sperm).  This month is especially important for us because I had an HSG test (more on that in a later post), but statistically couples have been much more likely to conceive in the month that they had this test.  So…major Go Time.

Anyway, I thought I would post my actual pee sticks from the test so far so you can see what the results look like.  Gross? Maybe, but hopefully it is helpful.  I know I like seeing others’ results because sometimes it’s hard to tell for sure what is a positive.  So here will be a good example.

Ovulation Test Days 9 and 10

Ovulation Test Days 11 and 12

The line on the right is the reference line and the line on the left is the test line.  A positive result is when the test line, on the left, is the same intensity or darker than the reference line, on the right.  So, as you can see, Day 9, nothing. Then Day 10, a very faint test line.  Then, Day 11, back to nothing.  Day 12, getting really close.  Day 13?  We’ll just have to wait and see…My prediction is that I’ll surge on Day 14, but you never know!

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