Cervical Mucus and You The Most Common Mistake Couples Make When Trying to Conceive | Cervical Mucus and You

 Think any lubricant will do? Think again.

 O.k. this is important! And I don’t understand why it’s not talked about more.  You can’t just use any lubricant when you are trying to conceive.  The reason – most of them are not sperm friendly!  So maybe you don’t have as much cervical mucus as you would like and need a little help.  The only lubricant that I know of that is TTC (Trying To Conceive) safe is Pre-Seed. I have heard from so many women that it actually helped them to conceive.   And check out the product review video below because it really tells it all!

 Intercourse on demand around ovulation can lead to anticipation anxiety and increased vaginal dryness. We all know, and studies confirm, that stress can interfere with the pleasure and purpose of intercourse. In fact, 75% of trying-to-conceive couples report an increased frequency of vaginal dryness.

 PreSeed lubricant is the first “sperm-friendly” intimate moisturizer that mimics natural body secretions for an optimal sperm environment. In an In-house study, conducted by Pre-Seed, comparing sperm motility after contact with several products. As found in all previous studies, sperm motility was dramatically decreased after 30 minutes of contact in just a 10% solution of all the other leading products, but not Pre-Seed .

This is the best deal I could find. You get 2 tubes for $19.50. And even if you conceive the first time using it (fingers crossed!), you can use the rest as just a regular lubricant, so it definitely won’t go to waste!

Pre-Seed Lubricant Multi-use, 40-gram tube with 9 applicators (Pack of 2)

Here’s a product review that explains it all…

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