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Stages of Cervical Mucus

cervical mucus

This is what your cervical mucus will be like as you go through the various stages of your monthly menstrual cycle. 

  • Right after your period, there won’t be much cervical mucus at all.  You have probably noticed that trying to conceive at that time is a bit dry.
  • Then around Day 10 (assuming a 28-day cycle, with Day 1 being the first day of your period), the cervical mucus will increase and the texture will be thick and very sticky.
  • As you get into the days right before ovulation, usually Days 13-15 for a 28-day cycle, these are the most fertile days.  The cervical mucus during your most fertile days is abundant and has the consistency of egg whites, which is to say it will be clear, fairly thin, stretchy, and slippery more than sticky.  Click here for a video that shows what cervical mucus looks like at the fertile stage.
  • After ovulation, it goes back to being thick and sticky, may also be whitish in color


But, keep in mind, that everyone is different, which is why it can be so frustrating trying to read the signs of early pregnancy, or the signs of when we are most fertile.  The best thing to do is to keep a log of what your cervical mucus is like throughout each cycle, so that you become familiar with your own patterns.  That way you’ll eventually be able to have a pretty good idea of where you are in your cycle just by checking your cervical mucus, and you can then predict your most fertile days.cervical mucus  And, as a check, you can use ovulation test strips to confirm when your LH surge is, and thus, when you are ovulating.

Good luck!!

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  1. Mel Morrison says:

    Q: I dont know what to think. My husband and I tried to conceive with the help of a sperm donor. I used ovulation test strips which were inconclusive.
    A couple of days prior to when my little ovulation computer friend announced that i would be ovulating the test strips finally showed two lines which one of which was faint and the instructions said to dismiss if one was faint but since it was the only time i didn’t see just the one line and it happened to be prior to when i would ovulate. 14 days from my 28 day cycle period we took our chances and called the donor. The only other concern that i had was that my mucus seemed a little more dry than i am use to except for the morning after my husband and i had intercourse prior to calling the donor which of course may have been due to having intercourse but otherwise my body felt like it was ovulating. Yeterday was the day of my ovulation according to my little computer, two days after calling the donor. Today I suddenly had a surge of mucus? Is that a sign of implantation? Already?

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